The computer virus that blackmails you!

The computer virus that blackmails you!
Ransomware is the fastest growing form of computer malware, experts warn.
It's a malicious virus that locks the user out of their computer and demands a fee to return their files.
A report published by the Australian government claims 72% of businesses surveyed experienced ransomware incidents in 2015.
The figure was just 17% in 2013 .
It's also a growing threat for mobile devices as it can be hidden in an app, says Gert-Jan Schenk, vice-president at internet security company Lookout.
"For the most part, we've seen ransomware delivered through drive-by downloads - it pretends to be a popular app, increasing the chances that you'll click on it," he explains.
"To avoid these threats, users should be very careful about what apps they install, and where they come from - read the reviews on Google Play, and avoid side-loading from untrusted sources."


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